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6 February 2019

Rainfall levels have been below average so far this winter and this has implications for nutrient management

25 January 2019

Nutrient Management Guide RB209 updated with new guidance

24 January 2019

For hard copy owners of RB209, please refer to this amendment sheet

4 February 2019

The amount of excess winter rainfall has an important influence on the amount of nitrate leached and, thus, the nitrogen availability to a crop. Find out how to account for nitrate losses.

19 October 2018

A lowering of RB209 phosphate offtake values for cereals could be justified, according to results from an AHDB-funded review.

27 September 2018

How to sample substrate

26 September 2018

How to sample leaf tissue

25 September 2018

SPot Farm Nitrogen and Irrigation Demonstration

25 September 2018

SPot Farm Crop Nutrition

25 September 2018

Getting the most out of barley

25 September 2018

Is your OSR getting enough sulphur?