Resilience check list

Is your business Brexit ready and fit for the future?

For each question score yourself between 1 and 5, where 1 is no, not at all and 5 yes, I am fully implementing this.

Be honest: understanding your strengths and areas for development will help you to understand opportunities to improve your businesses resilience.



(not at all) (I am fully implementing this)
1 2 3 4 5
Review of farm business          

Do you have a clearly set out vision and objectives for the business?

Is there a clear succession plan or exit plan and is this communicated to everyone  involved either directly or indirectly with the business?

Do you routinely (every 3-6 months) yourself, with your partner/s or your team, take a hands off view of the business and discuss objectives, performance etc?

Have you made an assessment of additional or alternative farming and non-farming enterprises?

Profit and performance          

Do you know your cost of production and where improvements can be made?

Have you built and tested a 5 year plan to understand your longer term income, expenses and ability to achieve objectives?

Brexit scenario planning          

Do you know what the impact to your business would be if Direct Payments are reduced/removed? Do you have a plan for if this happens?

Individual farm/grower performance - technical change          

Have you considered and explored collaboration with local businesses?

Are you testing new technical innovations and ideas e.g. through split field comparisons and discussion groups?

Getting the most from your market place          

Do you know the underlying consumer trends behind your produce?


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Review of Farm Business
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Profit and Performance
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Brexit scenario planning
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Individual farm performance - technical change
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Getting the most from the marketplace
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