AHDB is firmly committed to openness, fairness and transparency in selecting all of its suppliers of goods and services. It must do this as a matter of law under the Public Contracts Regulations 2015, and this approach will also enable us to develop a ‘most economically advantageous’ supply system and maximise our use of levy funds.

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AHDB has a template for its contract for the purchase of goods and services. AHDB also has templates for Research Funding Agreements (two party and multi party). These may be updated at any time by publication on this website and contracts are made applying the version current at the time of contracting. Suppliers are responsible for keeping themselves aware of changes. The current version applies from August 2015. Previous versions can be obtained on request to the Legal Adviser at



You are required to complete a standard AHDB proposal form for funding requests for Research and/or KE activities that do not fall under the procurement of goods and services. A complete set of guidelines and the relevant proposal forms are found below, please download them and submit them to on completion.



AHDB publishes contract opportunities over 25,000 on Contracts Finder. This is where suppliers can search for contract information on goods and services across the public sector. Suppliers are encouraged to register on Contracts Finder:

Current opportunities on Contracts Finder-

Risk Management and Business Planning Training for Livestock Farmers

Contract opportunities may also be advertised in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) if the contract value exceeds financial thresholds (currently 173,000).

However research and development (R&D) opportunities do not always have to be advertised in this way and may be found below.




AHDB Horticulture Cross Panel Research and Development and Knowledge Transfer Call for Proposals: SCEPTRE+ - Research for sustainable plant protection products for us in horticulture
Purpose/Primary Objective

The aim of the project is to deliver applied research on high priority disease, pest and weed problems in fresh produce and ornamental crops in order to support approval of products and devise and develop IPM programmes.


SCEPTRE+ will cover all horticulture crops both edible and non-edible across the 6 panels (Field Vegetables, Soft Fruit, Tree Fruit, Protected Edibles and Mushrooms, Hardy Nursery Stock and Protected Ornamentals, bulbs and outdoor flowers).  All panel priority documents have crop protection as their highest priority and all levy payers are impacted to a certain degree.  Therefore this project should give benefit to all horticultural growers.

In SCEPTRE+ we propose to carry out a number of trials based on priority areas identified by growers and also from the Gap analysis that was conducted for horticulture in 2015/16 by AHDB.

For more information and to apply, please click here.

The deadline for submissions to this call is midday, Friday 17 February 2017.



In line with Government requirements, AHDB has published information regarding contracts and frameworks over 25,000 in value that have been awarded since 1/5/2011. To view this information please download the document below.

Contracts Register - December 2016 (Excel document)

Contracts Register - December 2016 (csv document)

The register will be updated quarterly and will include any new contracts that have been agreed.

Should you require more information, please email Procurement on

AHDB will be procuring other supplies and services. These will also be added to this site.



AHDB’s levy money can only be used in accordance with EU State aid rules. Various schemes covering such activities have been submitted to the European Commission, which enforces the rules. The schemes are described in the links below.