Markets and prices

15 November 2018

Build a portfolio that meets different target needs

11 October 2018

In this article you will find a summary of dairy innovations seen across the world

10 September 2018

Growing the meat, fish and poultry category

7 September 2018

Are young people really drinking less? And what really is craft beer?

6 September 2018

Too good to be true? Consumers want to have their ice cream and eat it.

21 August 2018

This article looks at how the UK retail landscape has changed over the years to meet changing consumer needs.

AHDB & NFU 'Dashboards'

These quick reference market trend dashboards for Dairy, Pig & Poultry, Arable & Potatoes, Beef & Lamb provide an update on key market drivers and indicators. These have been published quarterly by AHDB working in partnership with the NFU.

September 2018 publications:

The information from these dashboards can be reproduced in part or in full provided there is clear acknowledgement of the 'source: AHDB and NFU'.