Markets and prices

11 December 2018

Food waste costs each household an average of £540 a year. Find out how the industry is responding.

7 December 2018

Celebrations are one of the most valuable types of meal, with shoppers willing to spend more for events

23 November 2018

34% of eating-out occasions involve potatoes, so how is this changing over time?

19 November 2018

Hottest summer on record?

11 October 2018

In this article you will find a summary of dairy innovations seen across the world

18 September 2018

With the amount of lamb purchased by British shoppers in decline, how can the industry adapt to get it back on British menus?

AHDB & NFU 'Dashboards'

These quick reference market trend dashboards for Dairy, Pig & Poultry, Arable & Potatoes, Beef & Lamb provide an update on key market drivers and indicators. These have been published quarterly by AHDB working in partnership with the NFU.

September 2018 publications:

The information from these dashboards can be reproduced in part or in full provided there is clear acknowledgement of the 'source: AHDB and NFU'.